7 Days DOA Guarantee Policy
If the item you received is damaged, please contact us within 7 days of the order being received and provide the clear and valid proof (photos or video of the item and the SKU number). Newtechbuy will verify the case and negotiate compensation solutions with you according to the extent of damage, such as partial refund / resending accessories / resending a new product, etc.

7 Days Missing/Wrong Items Guarantee Policy
When you sign for the package, we highly recommend you to unpack and check the item(s). If there is an item missing, a wrong item or secondary packaging, please kindly contact us within 7 days after the date of receipt and provide the product information (SKU number / order number / product ID) and the related proof (eg: clear photos of the package, photos or video of received item and package weight).
If Newtechbuy confirm it as a non-customer problem (eg: missing items, wrong items, or product incompleteness caused by logistics), we will arrange reshipment of accessories/partial refund/a new replacement/return and replacement based on the specific case.

Product Quality Guarantee Policy
Newtechbuy will provide quality warranty service if there are any quality problems or non-human caused problems. Warranty time starts from the time when you receive the goods. Please note that any overdue requests will not be accepted.
Reference of Quality Guarantee Solutions:
1. Refund: partial refund / full refund / return and refund.
2. Reship: resend partial products/a new replacement.
3. Repair or exchange.

No Reason Returns Policy
To improve your shopping experience in Newtechbuy, we have return and exchange worry-free policy for some products (giveaways are not included) after receipt (For example, customers don't like the product or order a wrong item). For relevant product types and valid return and exchange time, please check the following details.
1. For non-quality issues(such as personal reason), customer will be responsible for paying the return shipping fees and any customs fees or duties incurred during the return process.
2. The returned product must be the same as the package sent, and the product is not damaged (the outer packaging is not opened, the product is not used, Windows is not activated, etc.), and does not affect the second sale.
3. If you do not want to pay high import duties on the return package, please avoid selecting an express mail service like DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, and similar ones.

Shipping Insurance Service Policy
Shipping insurance offers premium protection and safety for your valuable item during shipping. If your item is reported lost or damaged and covered by Shipping Insurance, Newtechbuy will offer you a compensation(refund/exchange item/a new replacement/reship accessory, etc.) based on the related proof you provided.
1. Refund is not valid while the item is damaged artificially.
2. The extra loss caused by the following situations is outside scope of Shipping Insurance:
(1) Force majeure events, such as, natural disasters
(2) Any item detained by Customs or restricted to be imported
(3) Any item destroyed by local authorities in accordance with local laws relating to the illegal or restricted importation
(4) Other Customs or import processes
3. You can contact Newtechbuy to get more details about compensation solutions of each item.


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